Learn Form Validation by Building a Calorie Counter - Step 43

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Step 43

Now you need to build your dynamic HTML string to add to the webpage. Declare a new HTMLString variable, and assign it an empty template literal string.

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function addEntry() {
  const targetInputContainer = document.querySelector(`#${entryDropdown.value} .input-container`);
  const entryNumber = targetInputContainer.querySelectorAll('input[type="text"]').length;
  const HTMLString = `${}`;

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Learn Form Validation by Building a Calorie Counter - Step 43

for empty template literal, it means an empty string using backticks


redacted solution

hey @Zan1

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Make sure to check all of your curly bracers, I was stumped on this for a while and come to find that a crucial curly bracer was removed.

if you cloud be more specific in your test requests we could understand it better and maybe you will have no need for help at all, most of the times the instructions are very confusing !

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