Learn Form Validation by Building a Calorie Counter - Step 78

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 const consumedCalories = breakfastCalories + lunchCalories + dinnerCalories + snacksCalories;
  const remainingCalories = budgetCalories - consumedCalories + exerciseCalories;
  const surplusOrDeficit = remainingCalories >= 0 ? 'Surplus' : 'Deficit';


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Learn Form Validation by Building a Calorie Counter - Step 78

There are two problems here.

The first is that you appear to be trying to call the function output.innerHTML(). What you actually need to do is just as the lesson states:

Start by assigning an empty template literal to the innerHTML property of the output element.

The first fix to make is to change your code from calling a function to assigning a value to output.innerHTML. You can do this with the assignment operator =.

The second problem is the value assigned needs to be an empty template literal, which can be written using back ticks ``.