Learn Form Validation by Building a Calorie Counter - Step 79

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I got tired now changed my code repeatedly but all in vain. can anyone help here

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output.innerHTML =<span class="${surplusOrDeficit.toLowerClass()}"> </span>;


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Learn Form Validation by Building a Calorie Counter - Step 79

output.innerHTML =<span class="${surplusOrDeficit} ${.toLowerClass()}"> </span>;

code start with back ticks also

did u resolve it?

If not, try to check the part of setting surplusOrDeficit part.
Check the function that u need to apply to it.

No still no progress
Your output.innerHTML string will need a span element. Create that, and give it a class attribute set to the surplusOrDeficit variable, but lowercased.

Strings have a .toLowerCase() method that can help you with this. Do not give your span any text yet.
it was the requirement of challenge but unable to solve yet

you need one single use of ${} here, it should be the same expression. .toLowerClass() on its own is a syntax error

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check how u are writting the lower case function

output.innerHTML = `<span class = "${surplusOrDeficit.toLowerCase()}"></span>`;

this worked for me

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I needed to remember how to use the ${} within template literals. Also important to use the quotation marks correctly which had me wondering for a moment there. Thank you for the signal on correct syntax.