Learn How to Work with Numbers and Strings by Implementing the Luhn Algorithm - Step 24

Can anyone help me. I do not know where I went wrong.

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def verify_card_number(card_number):
    sum_of_odd_digits = 0
    card_number_reversed = card_number[::-1]
    odd_digits = card_number_reversed[::2]

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    for digit in odd_digits:
        sum_of_odd_digits += int(digit)
    sum_of_even_digits = 0
    even_digits = card_number_reversed[1::2]

    for digit in even_digits:
        sum_of_even_digits = int(digit)

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def main():
    card_number = '4111-1111-4555-1142'
    card_translation = str.maketrans({'-': '', ' ': ''})
    translated_card_number = card_number.translate(card_translation)



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Learn How to Work with Numbers and Strings by Implementing the Luhn Algorithm - Step 24

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Loop over the even digits and print each to the console.

So there’s two things to do

  1. Loop
  2. Print

If you are doing anything other than that, I would remove that line of code.

you need to add your digit to sum_of_even_digits, if you overwrite the value of that variable at each loop iteration you are not summing anymore

I am sorry but I need your help…I think my code is running but I got a message saying (You should have print(digit) within the fro loop…

@antoniobray If you have an issue with your code, it’s usually best to create your own topic for it, as otherwise it can cause confusion.

However, in this case, the remedy is simple. You’re just getting a little ahead of yourself. You weren’t yet asked to create a sum_of_even_digits variable, so just remove that line of code for now.

Sorry I am new here…I did not know that I need to create my own topic if the topic exist already. Next time I will do it…

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waoo it works…but with python I got some problem with the indentetion…for example I did know that I can leave a blank line between my loop and the print…it was easy…at least I learn somthing new …Thanks
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