Learn How to Work with Numbers and Strings by Implementing the Luhn Algorithm - Step 27

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def verify_card_number(card_number):
    sum_of_odd_digits = 0
    card_number_reversed = card_number[::-1]
    odd_digits = card_number_reversed[::2]

    for digit in odd_digits:
        sum_of_odd_digits += int(digit)

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    sum_of_even_digits = 0
    even_digits = card_number_reversed[1::2]
    for digit in even_digits:
        if digit >= 10:
            digit = int(digit)*2

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def main():
    card_number = '4111-1111-4555-1142'
    card_translation = str.maketrans({'-': '', ' ': ''})
    translated_card_number = card_number.translate(card_translation)



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Learn How to Work with Numbers and Strings by Implementing the Luhn Algorithm - Step 27

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Hi @vsudhakarnaidu31,
Try reset and reattempt.

You have declared the variable number in previous task.
Now you are trying to print it. But you want a condition to be checked before printing.

And below is a picture of the steps to guide:

for loop:
   declaring variable
    if condition:
        print function

:+1: Happy coding

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Hi. Sorry for that. I didn’t mean to brag. My technical English isn’t sufficient to quickly explain what’s the issue was. I just wanted to help quickly, that’s why dropped a screenshot. That was my first comment on the forum. My apologies for that. Thanks for pointing that out.