Learn HTML by Building a Cat Photo App - Step 14 the page does not load properly, what should I do?

I tried to add the target attribute but did not do it correctly, I started the step over and now the screen just shows this

Iam very confused. I even restarted the course from the very beginning and it’s still not working!

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Post entire html and css code here. Use the button </> in your editor to enter the code properly formatted. Post the link to the challenge.

Hi, Thank you for your reply but it is not allowing me to do anything! I am also completely new to coding so I have no idea how to fix this.

For comparison, that’s what the step 13 looks like:

there is direction as well as the field at the bottom that allows you to go to the next step.

You have to understand and complete this lesson before going to the next challenge. Try posting your code here.

The target attribute should be added to the opening <a> tag:

...<a attribute="value" href="url">two words</a>...

The attribute here is ‘target’,
the value here is “_blank”.

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Thank you very much! I did that and then Ctrl+Enter to skip to next lesson and It worked!

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