Learn HTML by building a cat photo app step 54

I have gotten the code right, looked it up in several other solutions, yet it still gives ‘You should only have added one input element for your checkbox. Remove any extras.’ Any tips?

Hi @aukemaas12,

Can you please link us to the challenge you’re on so that we can better help you?

I don’t know how to share my code via this

I forgot one thing. Will you also post your code, as well? You can just copy the part you are editing and paste it here.

Don’t forget to use the code block around your code, as well. You just have to highlight it and then click the button that is outlined in red below in the editor.


<label><input type="checkbox"> Loving

Ah, you have a <label> element started, and the challenge does not ask for that. If you remove just the <label> element start tag, your challenge will pass.

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Thanks a lot, it works now :slight_smile:

Awesome! Happy Coding!