Learn HTML by Building a Cat Photo App - Step 69

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My code so far

<!DOCTYPE html>

<html lang="en">

<!-- User Editable Region -->

    <meta="charset=UTF-8" > 

**Is it not right ? ** 
**Though I Found This Answer in Forum**

** What it Shows !** 
Test = your code doesn't pass.
Hint= You should create a self closing **meta** element within the **head** element.

Help Me to Get to the Right Answer..^^

Please provide a link to the challenge

like …

directly to the

Yes, that. So we can see the exact requirements of the challenge. The challenge gives you a structure you need to follow

<meta attribute="value">

You have the meta name right, but there is only quote around the value part. Given what the challenge tells you. Do you know what your attribute and value should be?

it shows some thing like that

** You should give the “meta” element a “charset” of “UTF-8” .***

This is the structure you need to follow.

<meta="charset=UTF-8" >

The above is what you have. Notice how in the example the challenge gives you there is no equals sign after the word meta. Also, in the example there is only quotes around the value and not the entire thing. You have things in the right place, but you need to follow what the example is showing you

this is the real problem … it doesn’t work though …

It always shows error … Can anyone help ? …
I am getting … kind of …Error …

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We need to see your code. Use the </> button when you reply and paste your new code in.

Did you look at the structure I posted and compare it to your code?

Found the Answer…
try Changing the Quotation Mark

Create a meta element within the head element , inside meta element give a charset attribute to UTF-8

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