Learn HTML by building a Cat Photo App - step 69

From what i get now, the meta element is the one who’s responsible for adding languages to a website right? It’s the one we should use to add languages to our website (like the image above)

If there’s any mistake in my understanding tell. Explain things to me without using advanced words and concept. And add images to explain your point (i am a huge visual learner)

I just wanted to understand the meta element more. Since the explanation is bad, i think if freeCodeCamp. Explained by adding pictures (one using meta element vs one using the meta element) it will be better, it will help us to see the different results caused by the two situations. And to see it with our eyes. It will help us understand things fast and cleary. Not this plain text that doesn’t helps a lot.

Hey! You need to repost your question to the general section in the forum, there can you find your solution.

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The way to add multiple languages to freeCodeCamo curriculum is much more complex than just adding more meta element. And it is also for different websites. Continue with the curriculum to learn more of building websites!