Learn HTML Forms by Building a Registration Form - Step 36

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Submitting the form with an option selected would not send a useful value to the server. As such, each option needs to be given a value attribute. Without which, the text content of the option will be submitted to the server.

Give the first option a value of "", and the subsequent option elements value attributes from 1 to 4.


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The values are to be entered into the option element tags as a value.
It begins with the first one, the select one, having a value of open " " because it is basically letting the person know to select one.
The four option below that are to have the values of 1 through 4. These are the actual option ( or choice) available.

To enter the value is similar to this input

with type as the attribute and file as the value.

In this case, value is the attribute and the number is the value.

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