Learn HTML Forms by Building a Registration Form - Step 56

This is driving me mad! Here is the task

Step 56

To style the submit button, you can use an attribute selector, which selects an element based on the given attribute value. Here is an example:


The above selects input elements with a name attribute value of password.

Now, use the attribute selector to style the submit button with a display of block, and a width of 60%.

Here is what I’ve done

input[type=“submit”] {
display: block;
width: 60%;

It won’t accept it but I’ve skipped ahead in the task and it seems to use this same code. Any ideas? Have I missed something?

please post a link to the challenge.
Also post all your code, not just a snippet.

Any update on this? It seems to be the same problem for me. Thanks.

May you show your code so far?

I signed in on a private window and it accepted the same code

I had typed the same thing and it wasn’t accepting it. I was checking carefully, retyping stuff. I retyped the type=“submit” part inside the brackets and then my “submit” became brownish color like “password” in your example of the problem above, it wasn’t before. A glitch? Then it was accepted.

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