Learn Introductory JavaScript by Building a Pyramid Generator - Step 18

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i have already changed the array’s name, but is still not working.

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let character = 'Hello';
let count = 8;
let rows = ["Naomi", "Quincy", "CamperChan"];

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rows[2] = 10;

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Learn Introductory JavaScript by Building a Pyramid Generator - Step 18

Then print the rows array to your console.

you need to print the whole array, not just an element


The instructions are not clear at all. I got past this step by changing the value of the rows array, printing that index that was changed, then printing the entire rows array, which was a guess. Those were not the instructions. Here are the instructions word for word:

Update the third element of your rows array to be the number 10 . Then print the rows array to your console.

No where does it say you have to print the value you just changed, just to print the whole array.

This was my answer that worked:

rows[2] = 10;
console.log(rows[2]); /* the part I guessed */
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You technically don’t need this part here

the test will pass with just the log statement for the rows array and the update to the third element.

I just tested it in the editor and it passes

Well then I’m not sure why it kept failing for me until I printed rows[2] to the console. I use the freecodecamp chrome browser app to access the curriculum so possibly it’s a bug on there or needed to be refreshed.

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