Learn Introductory JavaScript by Building a Pyramid Generator - Step 22

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I can’t understand to mistake. In the test the last variable is coming but the code is not passing.

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let character = 'Hello';
let count = 8;

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let rows = ["Naomi", "Quincy", "CamperChan"];
let poppedValue= rows.pop();

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Learn Introductory JavaScript by Building a Pyramid Generator - Step 22

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Hi there! You have to declare a popped variable, not a poppedValue, then log it:

The console.log(variable) is not working. It is saying log your popped variable. what is my popped variable?

It’s just an example. Like said in the instuctions,

log your popped variable.

I don’t know what my popped variable is. I tried freeCodeCamp and camperChan but it didn’t work.

You have it in this line, just fix the variable name

I did . still not working

So share your latest code

let rows = [“Naomi”, “Quincy”, “CamperChan”];

rows.push= (“freeCodeCamp”);

let popped = rows.pop();


No need to log “freeCodeCamp”

And no need for = here

let rows = [“Naomi”, “Quincy”, “CamperChan”];


let popped = rows.pop();


Here still doesn’t work.

Console.Log the popped variable


like that

Log the Variable name popped to the console.

It worked. Thank you

Your welcome. Happy Coding.

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