Learn Lambda Functions by Building an Expense Tracker - Step 18

Python It asks me to sum the map thats what i did and the advice gave me th eanswer clearly i applied it but it still doesnt work. can i have some help pls?

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def add_expense(expenses, amount, category):
    expenses.append({'amount': amount, 'category': category})
def print_expenses(expenses):
    for expense in expenses:
        print(f'Amount: {expense["amount"]}, Category: {expense["category"]}')

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def total_expenses(expenses):
    sum(map(lambda expense: expense['amount'], expenses))

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expenses = []

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Learn Lambda Functions by Building an Expense Tracker - Step 18


You almost have it. You just need to return the result (hint: same line).

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return sum(map(lambda expense: expense['amount'], expenses))

still not working

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Thank you.

That should work. Check the formatting (indentation)?

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It’ll definitely work if you fix the indentation.

why does it not return it automatically when it is a lambda function?

The instructions ask:

return the result.

So you need the function to return something.