Learn Lambda Functions by Building an Expense Tracker - Step 36

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Hey guys I am having trouble with this challenge I wanted to know if you guys could help me. Thank you in advance!

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def add_expense(expenses, amount, category):
    expenses.append({'amount': amount, 'category': category})
def print_expenses(expenses):
    for expense in expenses:
        print(f'Amount: {expense["amount"]}, Category: {expense["category"]}')
def total_expenses(expenses):
    return sum(map(lambda expense: expense['amount'], expenses))
def filter_expenses_by_category(expenses, category):
    return filter(lambda expense: expense['category'] == category, expenses)

def main():
    expenses = []
    while True:
        print('\nExpense Tracker')
        print('1. Add an expense')
        print('2. List all expenses')
        print('3. Show total expenses')
        print('4. Filter expenses by category')
        print('5. Exit')
        choice = input('Enter your choice: ')

        if choice == '1':
            amount = float(input('Enter amount: '))
            category = input('Enter category: ')
            add_expense(expenses, amount, category)

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        elif choice == '2':
            print('\nAll Expenses:')
        elif choice == '3':
            print('\nTotal Expenses:', total_expenses(expenses))

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Learn Lambda Functions by Building an Expense Tracker - Step 36

string '\nTotal Expenses: ' as

Double check the string, and spaces

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