Learn localStorage by Building a Todo App - Step 11

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A little stuck on this. I treid 2 approaches for this lesson; I used an implicit return so as to use no curly braces for this prompt. Wasn’t able to pass this lesson with this method. I also attempted to use curly braces and I still wasn’t able to pass this lesson. The help is appreciated. The 2 methods are illustrated below:

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const dataArrIndex = taskData.findIndex((item) => item.id === currentTask.id ? true : false);

const dataArrIndex = taskData.findIndex((item) => {
  return item.id === currentTask.id ? true : false;

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Learn localStorage by Building a Todo App - Step 11

  • simply keep that “equality check” rest will be taken care of by “findIndex” method itself

happy coding :slight_smile:


What a simple solution how did i miss that loll, thank you

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