Learn localStorage by Building a Todo App - Step 31

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I keep getting this error: You should move taskData.forEach() and its content into the updateTaskContainer() function.

the prompt is: Use arrow syntax to create an updateTaskContainer function. Then move the taskData.forEach() and its content into it.

I do not know what my current issue is as on another post about this question they changed one small thing and said it worked for them, but I had the same issue and changed what they said they changed and it still gives me this error.

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taskData.forEach(({ id, title, date, description }) => {
    tasksContainer.innerHTML += `
      <div class="task" id="${id}">
        <p><strong>Title:</strong> ${title}</p>
        <p><strong>Date:</strong> ${date}</p>
        <p><strong>Description:</strong> ${description}</p>
        <button type="button" class="btn">Edit</button>
        <button type="button" class="btn">Delete</button>


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Learn localStorage by Building a Todo App - Step 31

I spot two issues here

I don’t see where you create the updateTaskContainer arrow function

It looks like there are some slight changes you made to the taskData.forEach that is different from earlier.

I would suggest copying the code exactly from the taskForm.addEventListener and pasting it inside the updateTaskContainer function to avoid issues with the tests

once you fix those things, then it should pass

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