Learn Modern JavaScript Methods by Building Football Team Cards - Step 15

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const myFavoriteFootballTeam = {
  team: "Argentina",
  sport: "Football",
  year: 1986,
  isWorldCupWinner: true,

The error:

Sorry, your code does not pass. You’re getting there.
You should assign the value of the sport key from the myFavoriteFootballTeam object to the sport variable.

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I have tried both of these lines, yet still I’m getting an error

const sport = myFavoriteFootballTeam.sport;
const { sport } = myFavoriteFootballTeam;


The challenge seed code and/or your solution exceeded the maximum length we can port over from the challenge.

You will need to take an additional step here so the code you wrote presents in an easy to read format.

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Learn Modern JavaScript Methods by Building Football Team Cards - Step 15

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