Learn Modern JavaScript Methods by Building Football Team Cards - Step 25

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How to solve this step? is unclear, Im trying to

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<!-- file: index.html -->

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  function(card) {

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Learn Modern JavaScript Methods by Building Football Team Cards - Step 25

Please talk to us about how the instructions are confusing. Thanks

The instructions asking you this:

Inside the setPlayerCards function, start by adding the map method to arr that will take in an empty callback function. Then, use the addition assignment += operator to assign the new array to playerCards.innerHTML.

You didn’t have a callback function.

The map method is supposed to take an empty callback function as its argument.

The function (card) {
playerCards.innerHTML += card

is not an empty callback function, because it takes a parameter “card” and there are executable statements inside your function.

I also had problems with this step, but my question is a different one.

My previous code didn’t pass:

playerCards.innerHTML = arr.map (function( ) { });

I eventually figured it out by passing in another form of empty callback functions.
(To not simply give out the answer, I won’t post it here)

What I do not understand is:
There seems to be two forms of empty callback functions.
Why is the empty callback function as provided above not acceptable in this step?

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Thank you.