Learn More About CSS Pseudo Selectors By Building A Balance Sheet - Step 13

I cannot figure out what went wrong with my code. I thought I followed through the instruction, but it didn’t work.

Step 13’s instruction
In your first tr, add a th element with the text Cash This is the cash we currently have on hand.. Wrap all of that text except Cash in a span element with the class set to description.

Following that, add three td elements with the following text (in order): $25, $30, $28. Give the third td element a class attribute set to current.

My code:

Cash This is the cash we currently have on hand…

You seem to have a lot of dots in your sentence. Remove all extra dots and leave only one.

Also please use backticks to include your code in this forum in a readable form. (Three backticks above the code and three below) or you can use the code formatting tool in the editor which has an icon that looks like this ‘</>’

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