Learn Nano by Building a Castle - Build a Castle

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No check mark in my curicullum after completing this course.

The following link is where I have uploaded to completed course
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Challenge: Learn Nano by Building a Castle - Build a Castle

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So you passed the course on FCC but then there’s no checkmark? Have you read the troubleshooting post which often resolves such issues?

It’s pinned to the top of the Relational Database course:

I had the same issue a couple of days ago and managed to resolve it by recycling the VM.

What is VM? How to use VM to resolve the issue that I’m having?

Still no check mark? Recycle the VM

Your user token is used to save your progress. As a security measure, we delete them when you sign out of freeCodeCamp. A new token is created again when you open up one of the projects, but existing VM’s still have the old token until it shuts itself down. Open up a different project to shut down your running VM. Then go open the old project back up; the container should now have your new token. If you finished the project, it should take you right to the screen in the image above. Press that continue button to submit the project again. If this is the issue, it should now be saved and show up the next time you refresh your freeCodeCamp page.

I assume VM is Virtual Machine. The point is that, if you follow these steps above (from the post which I linked), you might have luck getting the course completion checkmark on FCC.

Maybe it is how freeCodeCamp’s teaching method is for learners to self-discover by experimenting every ways to find the answer.

The followings are the steps of how to make the checkmark appear for a particular course in the curriculum page.

  1. After completing a course, click the tutorial complete continue button.
  2. Click the new workspace button
  3. Select /home/codeally in the search bar
  4. Let all the files load on the left hand side of the page
  5. Open and reload the curriculum page in another tab
  6. Select a new course in the curriculum page
  7. Let the page load all the files for the new course in the codealley page and do not close the webpage
  8. Open and reload the curriculum page again in another tab

Codealley Refused to Load Your Incomplete or Completed Course:

  1. Delete the course in the Cloud IDE page of CodeAlly
  2. Restart the course in the FCC curriculum page
  3. Choose autosave for your work progress; the setting is in the file tab

If you come across this issue again, the steps suggested in the post I linked above are quicker.

  1. Open up a new database course.
  2. Exit.
  3. Open up the course you’re stuck on.
  4. Click ‘Continue’.
  5. Exit and refresh the FCC page.

To make the checkmark appears for a completed course in the curricullum page is inconsistent with instructions given.

I think the webpage is either unstable or the admin is checking on the learner’s results first before allowing the checkmark appears.

Are you not running the course through the browser? There’s nowhere on FCC to submit a github link for this particular course, so why do you have your code stored in github?
Other courses require github submissions but not this one.

All the checkmark for the courses I have passed already appear. Thanks.