Learn Python List Comprehension By Building a Case Converter Program - Step 15

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I think I did exactly as the step asked. I commented out 10 lines of code and then added a pass for the function’s body. I already looked at the other post about this question and it still won’t run. What am I doing wrong?

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def convert_to_snake_case(pascal_or_camel_cased_string):
#    snake_cased_char_list = []
#    for char in pascal_or_camel_cased_string:
#        if char.isupper():
#            converted_character = '_' + char.lower()
#            snake_cased_char_list.append(converted_character)
#       else:
#         snake_cased_char_list.append(char)
#    snake_cased_string = ''.join(snake_cased_char_list)
#    clean_snake_cased_string = snake_cased_string.strip('_')
#    return clean_snake_cased_string

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def main():

if __name__ == '__main__':

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Learn Python List Comprehension By Building a Case Converter Program - Step 15

Hello Sushrut,

I think it messed up the indentation somewhere. Could you reset it, and put the # character right before each first character of the line (or just all , and make sure the pass call is at the right place to match the function definition?

Yup I already tried that but the code still doesn’t pass. I tried putting the hashtags at the beginning of each line with and without a space after them too, and adding the pass at the end with proper indentation. It just keeps saying that the code doesn’t pass. I’m not sure what else to do.
EDIT: Nevermind haha I had to put the hashtags at the same indentation level as the line of code on each line for it to work.


Did you try that after resetting the code?

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