Learn Recursion by Building a Decimal to Binary Converter - Step 105

Tell us what’s happening: You should chain .textContent to the .getElementById() method.

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setTimeout(() => {


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Learn Recursion by Building a Decimal to Binary Converter - Step 105

you need to assign something to this, it’s not enough to select the textContent property, you also need to change it

setTimeout(() => {
var textContent = document.getElementById(obj.msg).textContent;
// Now you can use the text content stored in the variable ‘textContent’
console.log(textContent); // Or do something else with it
}, 1000); // Delay the execution for 1000 milliseconds (1 second)

In this example, the textContent variable stores the text content of the element with the ID specified by obj.msg . You can then use this variable to perform further operations, such as logging it to the console or manipulating the DOM.

I am not understanding it well, please try to go deep

Nothing is changing. I am trying but it is not working

can you show your new code please?