Learn Recursion by Solving the Tower of Hanoi Puzzle - Step 27

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I don’t understand why my code is not passing.
I even checked other posts in the forum for the same step.
It seems I’ve done what I should, still not passing.
Probably something I’ve missed somewhere.
Please, help!
I can’t seem to see or find what I’ve missed.

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number_of_moves = 2**NUMBER_OF_DISKS - 1
rods = {
    'A': list(range(NUMBER_OF_DISKS, 0, -1)),
    'B': [],
    'C': []

def move(n, source, auxiliary, target):
    # display starting configuration
    for i in range(number_of_moves):
        remainder = (i + 1) % 3
        if remainder == 1:
            print(f'Move {i + 1} allowed between {source} and {target}')
            forward = False
            if not rods[target]:
                forward = True
            elif rods[source] and rods[source][-1] < rods[target][-1]:
                forward = True

# User Editable Region

            if forward:
                print(f'Moving disk {rods[source][-1]} from {source} to {target}')
                print(f'Moving disk {rods[target][-1]} from {target} to {source}')

# User Editable Region

        elif remainder == 2:
            print(f'Move {i + 1} allowed between {source} and {auxiliary}')
        elif remainder == 0:
            print(f'Move {i + 1} allowed between {auxiliary} and {target}')

# initiate call from source A to target C with auxiliary B
move(NUMBER_OF_DISKS, 'A', 'B', 'C')

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Learn Recursion by Solving the Tower of Hanoi Puzzle - Step 27

Looks good, check your indentation.

I moved the lines back and forth in the indentation, actually nothing changed, but now it worked suddenly so thank you.

Should I remove this post? As in to not post solutions?

Here was the problem:

Screenshot 2024-03-24 133513

No, don’t need to remove in this case, thanks for asking though

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I saw where the issue was eventually too.
Thank you so much! New to this.

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