Learn Regular Expressions: Restrict Possible User Names

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I did not fully understand what was wanted of me in this lesson. So I went to Hint and wrote in the answer supplied. The code was returned as entirely incorrect. I need an explanation of the lesson and help with my code. Please help!

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let username = "JackOfAllTrades";
let userCheck = /^[a-z]([0-9]{2,}+|[a-z]+\d*)$/i;      // Change this line
let result = userCheck.test(username);

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Challenge: Restrict Possible Usernames

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This regex you provided appears to have an error. Looking at the description of the code in the solution page might help you determine where the error is.

I found out what I did wrong! There should not be a + sign in this code by the {2,}. It was my fault. Oops! Live and learn. :upside_down_face: Thank you for helping me to think. :+1:

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I am glad I could help!

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