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Greetings to you all.
I found out this and I want to ask a question about it.
According to the above title, we have a total of 21 keys.
We have to classes within the .keys selector.
These are .key selectors and .key.black–key selectors.
Then we used a pseudo-selector .key.black–key:: after with the background-color property of #1d1e22 which is black.
To my surprise the effect started on the 1st .key class.
How else do I need to get the phenomenon.
Explanations are always highly appreciated.

Greetings to you too.
Sorry, but I can’t say much since I cant see your code.
To upload your code, click the ask for help button that appears after three incorrect attempts.

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Thanks for your response.
The code passed but I’m asking this question out of observations

Hi, thank you for your assistance.
What I’m saying is this, the first .key class is not supposed to be selected by the pseudo selector.
However we targeted .key.black–key ::after class but the first selected key is a .key class.
I’m I getting a wrong concept of this?
Inside the .keys class we have other classes with the first key belonging to the .key only category.
While is it affected-after?
This my point.
I already passed the code but I need more explanations.
Thanks again.

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