Learn Responsive Web Design by Building a Piano - Step 32

@media (min-width: 769px max-width: 1199px){

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Challenge: Learn Responsive Web Design by Building a Piano - Step 32

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Please try to describe your issue in more detail in the ‘tell us what is happening’ section in future. It makes helping much easier.

You’re on the right track, but you need to format your media query differently. You need to enclose the min and max width in their own brackets. Then you need to connect them with the word ‘and’.


Thank you, solved it.

would be nice to share the solution

We don’t give full working solutions to users. Trying different ways to solve a coding problem with hints and tips improves coding knowledge far better.

If you are stuck on this lesson, have checked online for ideas how to solve this, searched the forum and still can’t solve the lesson please make your own new topic post. It is easier to help if you do this.

You can do this by pressing ‘new topic’ on the front page of the forum, or ‘ask for help’ on the lesson you are stuck on.

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Hi EllaGriff,
I am aware of this and agree that, the solution should not be given up as you must first try to solve it yourself. However, the topic starter could also have given a description of how he solved it without showing the actual solution.


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