Learn SQL by Building a Student Database: Part 1 - Build a Student Database: Part 1

Guys, i try to lean SQL but the process only stuck in create virtual server ? is there any solution ?
here i attach the screenshot

There isn’t anything you can do at the moment, there’s an issue loading containers - we are looking into it. I will let you know when we think it’s resolved. Thanks for your patience.

Sorry for the delayed response and thank you for reporting @samuelprabowo18 ! The issue is fixed now and you should be able to code again without any issues.

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I have a problem with highlighting the table. I entered “SELECT” statement and nothing appeard but the task was marked as done :frowning:

Pretty sure the task only checks that you entered the correct command, which you did - so that’s why it passed. Not sure why it’s not giving any output there. Even if there isn’t any rows in the table, or if the table doesn’t exist, it should still give an output.

I’m going to suggest to try the reset steps here @wojciechkoniczynski. I’ve got a feeling that won’t work, but just in case - it will rebuild the database to the point it is supposed to be at the start of the step you are on.

What is that other message that is cut off? something about ‘large object operations’. Is there any other messages like that that may help figure out why it’s not giving output?

Hello, I think this is related to this post and I hope to get through it.
I’ve just launched this course, go passed the first step succesfully; DB is logged in. listing the DBs work, but it’s not responsding to any commands from there:

I just realized ‘every commands needs semicolon in the end’