Learn SQL by Building a Student Database: Part 1

and another exciting episode of my beta project shouldn’t be released because it does’nt work brought to by freecodecamp.
can’t move on because i am stuck on step something, they aren’t numbered but i have restarted from scratch 5 times now and it gets stuck at the exact same step EVERY time

the step is:
Use the shortcut command to d isplay the details of the students table to make sure you like it.
i entered \d, and it’s still spinning.

fix it.

This course worked fine for me. You wouldn’t pass that step if you entered \d, if that helps.

It doesn’t.
If I just started that the program is frozen, how would your suggestion help.
Also, that’s really wonderful that it’s working for you I don’t know how I’ve gotten through my day without knowing that Please enlighten me as to how it working for you is going to solve my problem?

I guess you’ve read through this troubleshooting post and tried the various remedies therein?