Learn the CSS Box Model by Building a Rothko Painting - Step 9

Tell us what’s happening:
What of wrong with this basic css it is not going through… I already use other browser and refresh then reset still not goin through.

This is the exercises:

Add the height property with the value 600px to your .canvas rule.

.canvas {
  height: 600px;

Please post your complete code? The issue sometimes is not with the posted code but in another area of the code.
You can use the Help

which appears on every step of the Responsive Web Design after three unsuccessful attempts at the step.

You could also try resetting the step and reentering it to see if it goes through.
Or using a different browser may help.

Hello - did you find a solution?
I am getting the same error message using the same code.
.canvas {
height: 600px;

Thank you for posting your own code. I have responded to it.