Learn to code with android tablet?

I have registered today and I would like to know, if I can learn coding and programming on freeCodeCamp with my mobile tablet android?

Hi @Anna5!

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If you are using a mobile device, the default keyboard does not always play well with the freeCodeCamp editor. I recommend you read the article on using a mobile device to view some tips - most importantly, check out the coding keyboards listed as they interface with the editor well.

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Thank you so much for your answer!

I was wondering, if I need to install a programming tool, for example ‘Visual Studio Express’, if I want to learn Python, but which is not working on an android device.

For the challenges, you should be able to do them in the freecodecamp editor. For the projects, a lot of people will use Repl.it.

Awesome! Thank you for answering my questions.