Learn typography by building a nutrition label step 60


dunno whats happening, it wont accept my code eventhough i typed the correct text inside the p element. “Includes 10g Added Sugars 20%”

Welcome to the community @Keeeeen97 !

It is difficult to tell from the screenshot.

I suggest trying to move it up between the closing dive of the .divider double-indent and the one following it.


Hi @Keeeeen97 Welcome to the forum!

Could you share your full code here. When replying to this comment, use the “</>” and copy-paste all the code in place of the “preformatted text”

The next time you need help, try submitting for the challenge 3 times and then press the “help button” then “create a post” in case you are not able to find any answers from other posts



As @aldehyde has requested, it is best to submit the complete code using the Help, or the </> preformatted at the top of this text box.

I need to give @aldehyde a “Thank You!” for doing what I should have done.

Once the code is submitted the community can better help you, @Keeeeen97

Keep up the good progress and happy coding!


Thanks for doing what I should have done, @aldehyde ! I would give you 10 stars for catching it. But, alas, you need to settle for what the system allows. :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone. Thanks for all the suggestions. I’ll do better next time. Anyways, I already solved the problem and moved on. It is my first time doing this and I didn’t know how properly ask for help in the forum. I am so sorry.