Learn Typography by Building a Nutrition Label

Hi! I’m unsure of where I have an error in my code, I have sifted through the other questions/answers on step 33 and have tried to fix it using the responses, however I am unable to. Hopefully you can help! Thank you in advance!

your span element is in the wrong place. It is -inside- the .left-container, not after it.


Thank you! I have tried to add it, but it is still saying that my code is wrong. I’ve tried different variants of the position but to no avail

It has to go after the closing tag of the div whose class is left-container

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I appreciate all the help! Sadly that isn’t working either, but it’s okay! I’ll continue to work at it!

Sometimes after making mistakes and then going back to fix them may not work until you click the reset button on that step and start over completely

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I’ve finally got it! Thank you both!

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