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Hi. Is learning doing things with bootstrap first than mastering CSS3 is the right way? I mean basic projects all refer you to using bootstrap, but behind it - sits a very complex CSS code which should? we understand and/or master first? I am just curious if I learn bootstrap I will miss out on how it actually looks on CSS. Or maybe I do not need to understand it so deep as this is a waste of time since we have this advanced stuff like bootstrap? Lets discuss.

I think both ways are defendable: getting fast to a result with bootstrap can/will motivate the learner to go deeper to the origins. In the other way, learning the basics will help you master the subject in details at the risk of disgusting yourself about the technology.
Here on FreeCodeCamp, learning and mastering are tied by one only thing: motivation. Nobody is behind us to check what and how we do stuff, and you can rush the exercises, as you can for each one, repeat it in multiples variations on your own, searching by yourself on the web for examples, code and other tutorials.

Motivation, and motivation only, will make the difference. :slight_smile:

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I feel that you are right in a way. Its just like switching from school to university. In school you are guided and forced to do your stuff either by teachers or parents, and in university everything is given to you but its is you who is supposed to motivate yourself and actually take the info you are given.

On the other hand… when talking about landing the first front end job… (I feel that this is kinda dependent on the location (U.S. Europe)) what do employers value more again as a first job: a person who knows html css in and out or a person who knows html and bootstrap quite well and can do a same given job faster. (im not including JS here).

That’s where motivation is important: it’s up to you to search more.
But I agree that for each exercises, some links to external resources should be present…

There are lots of topics asking the same question:

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All programming languages/frameworks/libraries are abstractions. In order to use HTML, you don’t have to learn how operating systems translate that into machine code instructions. Bootstrap is just an abstraction of CSS and JS.

Do you need to know CSS to do a few little things with Bootstrap? No. Would it be bad if you only learned Bootstrap and never learned CSS? Of course. Is that what FCC is doing? No. Is it going to hurt if your curiosity leads you to learn some CSS ahead of schedule? No. It might even be a good thing. But some people can only learn a few things at a time.

It’s like if you wanted to become a harmonica playing, juggling, unicyclist. Some people would just want to jump up and start working on all three at the same time. Most would probably want to work on each separately and then start incorporating then together.

It’s difficult to craft a learning program to fit all needs. People learn differently, at different speeds, get hung up on different things that may be obvious to others. If you want to look ahead at CSS, go ahead.

And I’m concerned about your word “master”. If you wait until you master any of these, this is going to take years. In the course of this program, you are going to have to learn a dozen languages/frameworks/libraries. You probably aren’t going to master any of them. Even professional coders haven’t “mastered” may of these. They simply know them well enough that they can look something up when they need. But these technologies are too interrelated to learn them just one at a time.

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I opted out of learning Bootstrap for now, until I’m good with CSS alone. I like to understand how things work. Same applies with JavaScript. I am just now introducing myself to Vue.js, after having spent a lot of time on vanilla JS. There is value in learning a framework quickly I suppose, but it’s not for me. I do use jQuery for some simple DOM manipulation here and there. I guess it depends on WHY you are studying web development. If it’s to be productive quickly then yes I think learning a framework has higher priority. I’m looking medium term, not short term.

Thanks everyone for your answers.