Legacy JavaScript Course VS. New Beta JavaScript Course

Hi everyone,

I need some advice please - I started the Legacy JS course last year, and currently on part 3, exercise 24 (Regular Expressions).

Should I continue with it, or rather move to the new course launched in December?
I.e are there new topics/ updated material in the new course, or is it just the method of teaching which was updated?

In the new course, there are topics not covered in the legacy course. You wouldn’t be able to complete the new final projects, without those topics, for example.

Thanks for the reply.
So best would be to cut the loss, and start on the new course?

you could do as you want, it’s your progress

You’re welcome to either complete the legacy course or try out the new one. The new one is designed more like the RWD course, so if you enjoyed that you might like the new course better. But if you were really enjoying the legacy course and you don’t want to start the new one from the beginning, then feel free to keep going. You can also try out the new one for a few days and then decide. It won’t mess up your progress in the legacy course.