Lesson about advanced node and express

Hi everybody, i’m studing this lesson and here’s my replit,i think i’m wrong with the variable SESSION_SECRET in .env file, cause the server.js is equal to yours given in the lesson. Hope for one your hint, thank you.

I’m not sure exactly what your issue is, but regarding SESSION_SECRET, the lesson says you just need to create the variable in your .env file, and assign it a random value.

I assume you completed the MongoDB stuff in replit previously, so I assume you know that replit can’t use a traditional .env file, but rather you have to create SECRET variables just like you had to do for the MONGO_URI. Its the lock icon on the left.

For this test it just saying you need to assign SESSION_SECRET a random value. I think I made mine ‘helloworld’. It will then use that in the code to develope a key.

Ok, it worked. I had assigned first the value of an empty array and after i followed your advise assigning it the value ‘hellowolrd’ and it worked. Thank you anyway

I passed the test but after i’ve broken my replit and come back here. this is my new replit, i need to do it another time cause the next lesson is more difficoult and give me other problems. Hope you can help me fixing this