Lets finish what was started 3 years back

Hello everyone!

I joined freecodecamp 3 years back when I was in college. I couldn’t even complete the algorithm challenges and slowly left the platform due to exams and life.
Now I am working as a developer in a multinational corporation. I work on JavaEE and Python. These are pretty fun but I always had a thing for the front end. Whenever I get to do something with the UI, I get a little carried away.
In all these days, I couldn’t forget freecodecamp and always had an urge to complete the challenges and finish what I started. So I am back here and am writing this as a note to myself, to help myself not to drop again.
I see that the platform has changed a lot since I last visited and it makes me happy to see the progress people and the platform is making. This is the power of community and I believe that the coding community is one of the best.

Well wish me luck.
Good to be back.


Welcome back. Happy coding!