Library Management System and how does it work


I’m currently building a project called library management system (pure html and css message me for the source code for educational purposes). I need to know what else are the basic transaction does LMS have.

I’m curious about this project since I’ve worked in libraries for years. Is this one of the FCC projects? I don’t think it’s possible to build a working LMS with only html/CSS.

An LMS (often called an ILS) is software that libraries use for acquiring, cataloging , searching , and circulating books, DVDs, and other materials. Libraries use the software to place orders of new books directly from their vendor. We need to see the status of an item (available, on-order, checked out, missing). There should be an easy way to return the items. Patrons should be able to put a book on hold and be notified when it’s ready as well as renew books.

Good luck with your project.

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