Like-button notifications using

Hi, im a beginner coder, just started study javascript. Ive made a blog, i want to get a notification on the receiving end when someone likes their post. Im using socket. io for connection. I then want to render something simple like “one of your post got liked”

was not allowed to past in links, but below is link to the project. (delete the spaces)
github. com /ulle73/ webbSec-blogg-v2

link to the project above.

  • create a new user, in mongoDB compass, change role to “admin” to be able to watch ALL posts

  • create at least 3 users, creating at least one post each

  • open two tabs with different logged in users, like the post, at first it looks like its working, but if user1 likes user2 post, user2 get a notification. But after that, if user1 likes user 3 post, user2 get the notice anyway