Line-height ? visuals?

1 what is this
2 is it like line spacing or soemthing else
3 if its line spacing then it should be call line spacing so ppl know what it is / does
4 havent found any sources so far that was good at showing what this does so far
5 know of any helpful links?

with visuals so we can actually see what it does

how could anyone use any code things if we dont even know what it does and it doesnt tell us anywheree

whoever made this code thing ‘line-height’ shouldve made a good site showing what these code things do, and shouldve made a good langage cos nbody can learn this thing without a good site, i dont know why they made a language and dont explain anything well, it’s ridciouslous

for the past 10+ years and ongoing

this code language shouldve been designed with better ui / ux / design

w3schools has an interactive demo:

No it’s just the height of one line of text. That’s why it’s called line-height.

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ranking sites on this entire web from most to least helpful

helpful or confusing ?

  • if ‘line-height’ is ‘height of a line’ then it shouldve been called ‘height_of_a_line’
    that doesnt sound like very useful code thing, you’d want to make all the lines the same height usually

  • this says it’s space between lines, not height of lines

  • this also says it’s space between lines - this actually has picture - shows that the replier doesnt seem to know what line-height does

winner: looks like is possibly a good site, gotta see if it covers all commonly used things, coding things

not helpful

  • doesnst explain to us What its doing
    looks like line spacing so i guess it must be line spacing
    also doesnt tell us What is being affected,
    visuals need to be explained in full detail
    w3schools. com/cssref/playit.asp?filename=playcss_line-height

  • doesnt really show or explain anything, not a really good site, looks like it lasted updated / made better in 1990s, no wonder it’s no good

  • starts of by saying it’s confusing… (that’s really helpfull…) – that’s helps us alot…
    and then all those words and it sill doesnt tell us what it does…
    wow these sites…,…,…,…
    css-tricks. com/how-to-tame-line-height-in-css/

  • doesnt show or tell us what it does
    uses terms that are never shown or explained
    css-tricks. com/almanac/properties/l/line-height/

  • the entire time it doesnt tell us what it does…,…,…
    digitalocean. com/community/tutorials/css-line-height

  • doesnt show us what it does
    careerkarma. com/blog/css-line-height/

  • doesnt show or explain anything
    tailwindcss. com/docs/line-height

  • real bad
    htmlhelp. com/reference/css/text/line-height.html

  • super confusing in every single way
    allthingssmitty. com/2017/01/30/nope-nope-nope-line-height-is-unitless/

  • wat ??
    tympanus. net/codrops/css_reference/line-height/

r u sure you know what line height is cos it looks like line spacing

and other sites dont say this, they say its space between lines

every single pic (in the rare time it existed) showed that it was line spacing

so that means this shouldve been called 'line_spacing" prob was invented in an outdated era and has never been updated since then…

cant find date this ‘line height’ thing was invented, this web is such a mess, wonder who designs these site… and especially all it’s decayed info…

looks very much like line spacing so will go with that for the time being

since it’s always a good thing in life to go with things that actually makes sense

all these sites are very poorly designed

and it’s been 10+ years already and nothing has been made significnatly better by anyone in humanity

and shouldve been designed like google docs – guess funding + talent must’ve been expectinoally low when this language/tool was designed… – or other good things (of which there are many) – not in proportion – just in quantity, if the quantity was a very very low #…

there are ‘many’ cos If we’re looking at the quantity in a singular, and not comparative sense, then thus it’d look like it was ‘many’ as ‘many’ is relative, and thereby the usage of ‘many’ would be aptly accurate

this is reallyd good

forgot to lookat it

biggest probelm is its super advance

and doenst tell us the basic of that line height seems be line spacinvgg

after we know the basic then it’s good cos it fills in lotta detail hepful info to know abouat this line spacing thing

most important thing apppears to be from the video that it’s not an important code, and other code should be learned and not this thing

this site is actually near top notch quality helpful

It’s the height of a line of text. A line of text includes spaces above and below it, that’s how text is displayed in any medium. It’s not just the space, so “line spacing” doesn’t make sense, that’s why it’s called line height.

Leading is the technical term for the space between the actual characters in the text. A baseline is the invisible line that the text sits on. Line height is the distance between one baseline and another baseline, including the leading. As above, it is the height of a line of text, which hs to include space because otherwise you wouldn’t be able to read it properly.

If a noun can be used describe a property of a thing, then it’s normally better to use that instead of writing a sentence. This is particularly true in code. Writing English sentences for every property would be extremely tiresome (and makes coding that bit more difficult for anyone who isn’t a native English speaker). line-height (clear, terse) is prefererable to height_of_a_line (verbose, clumsy).