Link to an External specific point of a page

Hey guys, i hope you are doing well.

I’m doing my first test for the basic HTML & CSS course.
I’d like to link my page to a specific part of an external page Giovanni Falcone- wikipedia. I’m struggling to link to that specific part, in this case a subtitle:" First trial against the Mafia". Below my html page so far:

<p>He started to work at a particularly tense moment..<a href="" target="blank">(click here to know more)</a></p>```

As you can see I've used the id - "#First_trial_against_the_Mafia" I've found on the wiki page through the "inspect" way. However, when I click the link it brings me to the top of the page and no to the specific point I'd like to go to. I read that i should specify a "name" tag as well, would be this the case?

Is this the correct way to proceed? What am I doing wrong?

Thanks to anyone will help me out.


As you can see here, you typed in #First_trial_against_the_Mafia twice.

I’m a d**k then and I will stop coding after 3am. (so embarassing.)


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It’s alright, we all make mistakes at one point. That’s why we have others to help us.

Happy Coding!! :slightly_smiling_face:

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