Link visited hover active and

What about any-link?

Order for this

but what about a:any-link?


It is the same as :link and :visited together, so where they are.

Is fine but that way how can be only one value for any-link? If set then link and visited not work?

Well, it covers both, it is any link (visited or not visited). It doesn’t really make sense what you’re asking: the use case for :any-link is if you want anchors to have the same style regardless of if they’ve been visited or not, it saves having to define rules for both :link and :visited (maybe you want to override normal behaviour for a specific set of links or whatever). You would use one or the other, not both. If you define it after link/visited then it will override them, that’s how CSS works. If you define it before, then it won’t do anything, as it will be overridden.

It’s not a massively useful thing, it basically saves typing one line of code, but I can see how it would be useful in some instances and having to define both when they’re the same, which is common, is annoying. It doesn’t have very good support though.