Linking a sub-folder in an html file

The current project I am doing requires that I link a lot of html files together to create a sort of pseudo website, i can link things within a folder easily but no matter what I try I can not get a link between the folder and a sub folder within it to work.

This is the code I have tested so far ;

<a href="/HtmlProJECTS/TRIAL/Test/tester.html"><p>Working link?</p></a>
<a href="/home/davidshiwlal04171/Html Projects/TRIAL/Test/tester.html"><p>Working link?</p></a>
<a href="TRIAL/Test/tester.html"><p>Working link?</p></a>

I have tried using the absolute path, relative path and just listing out the pathway,

I am trying to link Trial.html to tester.html.

Trial.html is located in TRIAL.

tester.html is located inside Test which in turn is located inside TRIAL .

Have you tried a dot? A single . is for current directory, two .. is previous directory:

<a href="./Test/tester.html">

That should link to something in the test folder if its in the same folder as your original HTML.

Yes this worked thanks

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