Linking footer note

Having issues with the footer bote on Link to Internal Sections of a Page with Anchor Elements
The footer note is not going through

would appreciate any assistance I can get

In the future, please include your formatted code instead of screenshots. Screenshots are often unreadable.

Your footer opening tag is malformed. What does an opening HTML tag look like?

thanks for your feed back.
this is the code '>footer> <"id="footer"> Copyright Cat Photo App </footer>"

Yes. That is a malformed tag. What is an opening tag supposed to look like?

<a href="#footer">jump to bottom</a>

That is an a tag with a correct opening tag. Now can you see the problems with your footer tag?

can you help point me in the direct direction

HTML tags look like this:

<tagName attribute="value">tag contents</tagName>

Your footer tag is not correct.