Lisp Tutorial please?

I was once told that there is a Lisp tutorial lurking somewhere on FreeCodeCamp, but I don’t have the patience to go through the whole list of what the search engine returns. Anyway, it will be good if lessons on using Lisp and more material on Prolog were available. Thanks.

I have googled but didn’t find a lisp course in freecodecamp material

Is it possible to create a few Lisp and Prolog tutorials. Would like to cover these languages for AI too.

I somehow doubt that will happen.

(why (do) you (want to (learn LISP)) anyway?)

Considering how old the language is I’m sure you can find free books and programming lectures using lisp.

tutorials on the youtube channel and the news platform are made by volunteers, if you are up to it it could be something you could create to enrich freeCodeCamp!

((((((( More brackets! )))))))

Imagine writing a prettier extension for Lisp! (The couldn’t pay me enough)

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