Lists as Structural Markup?

To give a brief context, I have taken two web design classes at university, but my primary form of learning web development is here at FCC. My professor in those classes loved to nest lists within lists, so much so that practically every grouping of content could be an unordered list.

For example:

Would be an unordered list of three items, each containing its own unordered list with items of an image, heading, and paragraph. This seems to be in excess.
Is this the correct usage of lists?

No it’s not.

Like many things with web dev. You can bend things in certain ways to make them do what you need. And in the past (early 2000, 90’s) you had to because there was nothing else to do it with. With CSS3, frameworks and the like you don’t need to do that anymore. It’s inefficient and a PITA to fix or update later. Trust me, the next person down the line who has to fix 10 of thousands of lines of code like is not going to be kind.