Little concerned about how JS course is made

Hi! Just writing this post to let the staff know I’m a little concerned about how the JS course is made. Don’t get me wrong, I really like freeCodeCamp platform’s curriculum as well as the Youtube courses. Despite I like what you’ve made with this project, I need to say that I don’t understand why in the JS course you make exercises based in some features we haven’t seen before, but then you explain that feature in a later “knowledge block”. For example: In the “Falsey Bouncer” challenge, the campbot suggests that you need to use filter() in the challenge, but isn’t showed before the challenge, but after it.

I can’t understand the reason of this structure, because I haven’t been having the best experience in the JS course because of that. Thankfully, I took a break and watch some JS courses on YT, and that helped me go through the platform course way easier.

Take this post as a constructive feedback, because I really appreciate all the work that the FCC’s staff have made! Thanks for taking some time to read it <3

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You can solve the challenge without using filter().

Every Challenge should be solvable with syntax shown already in previous Challenges.


Great you did that, welcome to software development. That’s what you will do as a developer when facing a problem you don’t know the answer for yet: Researching the solution.

I was in the exact same boat when taking this course a while back: “Not beginner friendly, what is this?”. Now I’m aware that this preparing you for the job: You are expected to build things you have never built before, your team leader isn’t available, deadline is next week.

Feeling alone and being out of your comfort zone is a part of the developer job you can’t practice early enough. Best use this experience to find out if it’s really for you, it’s not an easy trade.


Thanks for your answer Jeremy! I see, so probably is just that I need to practise and revise some basic knowledge of JavaScript to reach to a different solution that the one in the hints section.

Again, thanks a lot for your reply and hope the staff didn’t get me wrong with my post <3

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Thanks a lot for taking some time to read and reply my post Daniel! I really like the realistic, but also optimist, approach of it! You are totally right, software development requires some independency and troubleshooting skills. I just need to focus on using all the knowledge I have learnt since I started and try to figure out the best solution with the skills I have at the moment. Really appreciate your reply mate! :smiling_face:

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Didn’t want to discourage you, but I have the bigger picture since really working as a web developer. The pressure can be pretty high on you since you are one of the few people that can actually turn product ideas into code, best yesterday and fully tested.

That said it’s still the best job in the world, if you don’t mind being out of your comfort zone many times and fighting to find a solution.


Now there is a whole new curriculum, so you may take a new look at it


Thanks a lot for the reply Ilenia! Yup, I’ve seen it and already started with it, and it is such an improvement imo. Thanks a lot for it! :smiling_face:

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