LiveServer showing blank white screen

I have a very basic React site that I’m building. When I run npm run start in the terminal, the site opens up properly and I can see the site. If I try to open the index.html file with LiveServer, though, it opens and shows just a blank white page. Then, if I go to, I see a white screen stating “Cannot GET /index.html”. I’ve googled a bit to try to find an answer there, but haven’t been able to find an answer that fixes it yet. Hoping someone here might have an idea. Thanks in advance!

Did you run the build command?

It is Create React App you are using and it is the files in the public folder you are trying to run, correct?

I have not run build yet. Do you need to do that before you can use LiveServer?

Yes, it is Create React App and index.html is in the public folder.

Thanks for the response. Let me know if you have any other thoughts/questions!

After running the build command the public folder will contain everything needed to serve the app (CRA Deployment). So it should work using any local or remote server.

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