Local Wather App

Hello people, this is the first time I create around here.
I have been working on the local weather app project, I have come to a dead end sadly (for my skills), everything seems to be sending properly, or not, I don’t really know, also I think that there is a small error in the forEach loop, but I can’t seem to identify it, all help would be appreciated

Link: https://codepen.io/dereckfrost9/pen/zwbxYq?editors=1111

Hi Dereck,

Your code has many errors, let’s see!

Line 36: console.log(json); => This is causing error because the variable json does not exist.

Line 7 and 9: position.coord.latitude + and position.coord.longitude => This is causing error because the correct property is coords and not coord.

Line 21: weather.forEach => This is causing error because the weather parameter of the callback function is an object and not an array. Use console.log in the parameter to see the properties.

I took the liberty of making some adjustments to show you how it will look.
Fork Link: https://codepen.io/devgaspa/pen/EmBVKE

I hope helped :grin:

Thank you for your help, I was able to get it running now