Local Weather App Question about Temperature Unit


I am just wondering how does the general public decide if they will use degree Celsius or Fahrenheit.

I have set my units to auto so that the temperature display will be according to location but I found out that displaying the degree Celsius or Fahrenheit symbol becomes tricky as when when retreiving units, I get uk2 rather than si or us.

how do you handle which type of temperature unit to display?

im using dark sky api.


I retrieve and show the temperature always at Fahrenheit first. Next to it I have a button that allows quick conversion between that and Celsius. I do think that is mandatory for the challenge, also. :slight_smile:

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I thought it was only US that uses Fahrenheit now. Why not show both?

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Get the temperature in whatever unit you prefer and convert it using math when you need to. http://www.rapidtables.com/convert/temperature/how-fahrenheit-to-celsius.htm


Actually that is a very good idea. I can see why it will be useful to have both and makes the entire code much easier. With a little re-arrangement it will look good onscreen too.

At the moment, I am always showing Celsius just because I am British but if it is global app than it can show both :slight_smile:


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